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Why do we cook democracy?

different but similar
different but similar

In many aspects, cooking and democracy are very similar. Both can often be stressful, messy, and demanding. Both require improvisation, a good deal of creativity, and on-the-spot solutions to prevent future disasters.

sharing one  key element
sharing one key element

But most importantly, cooking and democracy can never go right without one key ingredient - cooperation. 
And cooperation is absolutely essential in maintaining democracy worldwide.

How to cook


We get the recipes by talking to personalities who shape the discussion about democracy. 

While introducing a delicious local recipe, they manage to pass on some tips & tricks on how to nourish democracy on both the "micro-level" - in our everyday life and the "macro-level" - in politics.

Winter Season 2021

Czech & Taiwanese recipes

Here are our first 4 delicious recipes from the Czech Republic & Taiwan:

1. Should Democracy Go Digital?

Seemingly different but yet so similar. What do bubble tea and democracy have in common? The one-and-only Audrey Tang walks you through the similarities and cool perks of the tech-inspired democracy!

This episode was produced in collaboration with Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Lab, starring Audrey Tang, the Digital Minister of Taiwan.

2. How Was Life in a Totalitarian Regime?

While introducing his ultimate "lifesaver" recipe, sauteed artichoke hearts with bacon, Marek Hilšer shares his reflection on political emigration and the childhood challenges of living in "two worlds".

This episode is starring Marek Hilšer, the Senator of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

3. What is the key ingredient to democracy?

Have you ever wondered what is the ultimate ingredient to democracy? Paired with traditional creamy potato salad, Markéta Vaňková unlocks several key ingredients to keep our democracies fresh and zesty.

This episode is starring Markéta Vaňková, the mayor of Brno.

4. How to Tell the Stories of Democracy?

What makes Taiwan and fried vermicelli rice much the same? Joanna Tsai shows you how to prepare a delicious quick recipe while sharing her tips on connecting like-minded friends into a strong community.

This episode was produced in collaboration with Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Lab, starring Joanna Tsai, the CEO of Taiwan+.

Meet the Chefs

with the recipes that can change the world
Audrey Tang
Audrey Tang 唐鳳 is a Taiwanese free software programmer and Digital Minister of Taiwan known as a fearless trailblazer bringing digital democracy to life.
Audrey TangDigital Minister
Marek Hilšer
Marek Hilšer is a doctor, pedagogue, scientist, and civic activist, who ran for Czech president in 2018. Since then, Hilšer has been a senator for Prague 2.
Marek HilšerCzech Senator
Markéta Vaňková
Markéta Vaňková is a lawyer and mayor of the Czech city of Brno since 2018. Vaňková embodies a devoted mayor who brings in innovative ideas and projects.
Markéta VaňkováMayor of Brno
Joanne Tsai
Joanne is an established businesswoman who has taken on the role of CEO at TaiwanPlus, the first Taiwan-based, English-only platform covering global news.
Joanne TsaiCEO of TaiwanPlus
Let us know who has a lot to say about keeping our democraciesnurtured & fresh:

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